Requirements to Join and Application Template

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Requirements to Join and Application Template

Post  PLDaniels92 on Mon Aug 22, 2011 3:47 pm

Requirements to join PBA:

1.) Have Call of Duty: Black Ops for the xbox 360. (Yes, we will ALSO be a MW3 clan once it is released)
2.) Have access to a headset for communication purposes. If you do not have a headset we will NOT accept your application.
3.) You may not mod! If you own a J-tagged xbox do not apply.

If you meet these 3 basic requirements, we encourage you to apply. Please post any application as a new topic.

Application templet:

Do you have Black Ops:
Do you intend to get MW3 (not required):
Do you have access to (and use!) a headset:
Do you or have you ever modded or cheated:

Once you have posted your application, ZJMayhem or myself will reply letting you know if you are being considered. If you are, send us both a friend request on xbox live. Next time you and an admin are online, contact them and they will administer 2 (and on rare occasions more) tests. The first will be a 1v1 with said admin, they will be gauging your skills, strategies and all around badassness. It does not matter whether you win or lose, we are simply getting a feel for you as a player. The second test will be you playing on the same team as an admin on any team based game of your choosing. Once the tests are complete, if there are no further issues, you will be told if you were accepted or rejected to the clan.


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